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Glovebox for Vespa 50-125/PV/ET3 metal, incl. lock, glove boxrubberVESPA 50 / N50V5A1T2T AC`63-`71VESPA 50 L50V5A1T2T AC`66-70VESPA 50 R50V5A1T2T AC`69-`83VESPA 50 Revival50V5..


Vespa PX EFL Disc & T5 1984 Onwards Toolbox Door Lock Clip Securing Plate glove box lock,Ø (inner) 20 mm, for Vespa V50/PV/ET3/125/150/PX/T5/VNB/VNC/VNL/VBC/VLA/VLB/ PK XL also..


Locking Lever glove box, for Vespa PK50-125 XL/N/Rush/Plurimatik PX80-200 E Lusso/`98/MY/`11/T5, also for LML Star 125-200 2T/4T/ Star 125/II/Lite 4TAutomatica/CVTOEM Numbers (for ..


Lock Casing for Vespa PX80-200E Lusso/`98/MY/T5 also for LML glove box, LML Star 125-200 2T/4T/Star Deluxe 125/II/4TAutomatica/CVT  black OEM Numbers (for the purpose of compa..


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