Exhaust manifold -VESPA- Vespa GS160/GS4 (VSB1T), SS180 (VSC1T), Rally180 (VSD1T

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Weight 230 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 70 mm
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Exhaust manifold
Vespa GS160/GS4 (VSB1T), SS180 (VSC1T), Rally180 (VSD1T)

The exhaust manifold of the large Vespa engines from 160cc upwards has always been screwed into the cylinder.
The connecting piece is, except for the screwing point close to the raceway, almost contactlessly hidden in the ribbing of the cylinder. This means that the heat of the exhaust gases is not transferred directly to the cylinder, but is instead transferred directly into the exhaust. A trick that is a small piece of the puzzle to get the thermally stressed engines full throttle resistant.
Long time not available for the rare 160 and 180cc engines, it is now available again.

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