Grand Sport

Brake master cylinder cover-GRAND-SPORT- Vespa PX (1998-2010) - silverfor Vespa PX `98/MY/`10 will also fit LML starFor Grimeca Type Brake Master Cylinders not Heng ..


Vespa GRAND SPORT 177 Piston for DR or Polini Cylinder Kits 1st o/s 63.5mm

Piston GRAND-SPORT 177 cc,for Vespa 125 GTR 2°/TS/150Sprint 2°/V/Super 2°/PX125-150/PE/Lusso/Cosa for racingcylinder DR/POLINI 177aluminium, 1.o/s, Ø 63,5mm,2 piston ring(s), ..


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