Cylinder Head SIP T5 for MALOSSI 172cc for Vespa T5

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Weight 1287 g
Dimensions 180 × 170 × 100 mm
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Cylinder Head SIP T5 for MALOSSI 172cc

for Vespa T5

  • aluminium cast
  • Ø 66 mm
  • long thread
  • squish band 1,2 mm
  • 12,5:1
  • incl. O-ring


When PIAGGIO pushed the Vespa T5, the undisputed queen of the 125cc class, out onto the shunting yard it became clear we would have to take care of the continued production and supply of suitable SIP T5 cylinder heads for this excellent model ourselves. For this reason and more we are having a suitably formed casting die made to ensure their continued production.

Their basic layout is dictated by the unique piston design and the bore of the T5 cylinders. The compression ratios and squish bands of these cylinder heads is exactly suited to that of the corresponding cylinder for which they are meant. We have cylinder heads available for the PIAGGIO original, the MALOSSI 172cc and the POLINI 152cc cylinders with the two for the tuning cylinders also being equipped with 'O' ring gaskets. This added feature makes sense in combination with a performance cylinder.

On the side there is a thread into which a Koso temperature sensor can be screwed. The head temperature on the handlebars can be read and monitored using a temperature display or a SIP speedometer.

The increase in compression leads to more grunt in all rpm and a noticeable boost in maximum power output. The motors will remain reliable with these cylinder heads fitted and their endurance and mileage will not be negatively affected. When combined with our very own SIP Road exhaust (or similar) your T5 will be entirely suited to long-haul journeys suited to extended full throttle operation providing a motorway cruising speed of up to 130 kph!

Conclusion : A noticeably higher power output, 100% reliable combustion and an increased mileage from your cylinder. What more could you ask for?

Aluminium / 56-66mm diameter / long thread / includes 'O' ring gasket

Aluminium, die cast, long thread spark plug compatible, squish band : 1.2mm, compression ratio : 10.5:1 – 12.5:1, includes 'O' ring.


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