Motovespa Long Horncast Badge PX 125 200 Iris, T5, TX200

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Weight 4 g
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 mm
Manufacturer Part Number

Reference OEM Number


Badge horn cover

-VESPA- Motovespa-

Motovespa PX125 Iris (99C),

Motovespa PX150 Iris (75C),

Motovespa PX200 Iris (76C),

Motovespa T5 125ccm Sport (98C, 108C),

Motovespa TX200 (118C, 119C

Badge for Horncast (horncover)  

 just like Piaggio fitted when new. 

material:        plastic
total length:       101,0mm
total width:      12,2mm
number of pins:                      2
diameter pin:        8x6mm
type of mounting:            push in type
self-adhesive:                no
OEM numbers (for comparison purposes only)
Piaggio E.7367, E.7800, E7800

Fits the following vehicles

  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 125 Iris (engine 99M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 150 Iris (engine 75M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 73M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 76M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 200 Iris (engine 77M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 125 T5 Sport Elestart (engine 108M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) PX 125 T5 Sport (engine 98M)
  • Vespa (Motovespa) TX 200
Emblems, badges and logos are the icing on the cake for every scooter. They round off the appearance of not only classical, but can also show to others which model you have. If your lettering faded out over the years and became brittle, than it is time for a new badge on your scooter!
Anyone whose importance for the original appearance must be very careful in the selection, partly because the logos have changed even within the individual model series. So that you can be sure to find the inscription that was originally fitted on your scooter, we take this procedure very carefully and arrange all the badges and emblems to their given chassis numbers.
Conclusion: Whether as a finishing touch for the restoration job or just as an eye catcher for your tuning scooter. Badges are an absolute must have!



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